5 Unique Ways to Market Your Home Business Using Online and Offline Methods

With the discovery of the internet, marketing of home businesses have taken a whole new meaning. As an entrepreneur, it is important to take advantage of both online and offline marketing methods to maximize exposure of your business. Here are some examples of marketing methods:

1) Google AdWords Advertising
Google is now the largest online search engine and by advertising on Google Ads you have to potential to reach out to highly targeted prospects. Think of it this way, the reason why people type something in Google is because they are searching for something, which means they are interested in what you have to sell.

2) Social Media Marketing
Facebook and twitter are useful social media platforms you can use to get the word out about your business. You can easily create a Facebook fan page or twitter account and post up interesting content related to your business so that you can create a following and allow the news about your page to spread virally.

3) Search Engine Optimization
The works similar to Google AdWords Advertising, except that traffic is free. There are many free sources of information on search engine optimization where you can learn and apply in your business websites such as SeoMoz.org.

4) Direct Response Marketing
Direct response marketing is related to the use of offline marketing methods to get visitors to visit your home business website. This can be done by mailing flyers, brochures, postcards or nifty gifts like bookmark which subtly promote your business or create a sense of curiosity in your prospects.

5) Recommendations
Almost every industry, big or small uses this technique to create more targeted prospects for themselves. Basically, all you have to do is ask a previous customer who bought or did not buy anything to refer a few friends who might be interested in your product. This referral can be in the form of word of mouth, an email, or sending them a link to your blog or website.

There are many more marketing methods you can employ for your home based businesses. If you really want to grow your business and take it to the next level, the key is to implement as many strategies as possible and not just rely on one source of traffic or prospects.

Why is Leadership So Important in the Network Marketing Industry?

As individuals we are sometimes unsure of which direction to take. Whether it is our personal life or business venture, there are times when our uncertainty gets the best of us. If you are considering joining an MLM company it may be a good idea to team up with someone who is a leader.

For people new to business in general and network marketing specifically, it is important to be aligned with someone who knows the business and who can give you direction. Someone who is a good leader.

A good leader in this business will show by example. They will be patient as they attempt to give you the knowledge and the confidence to develop your business. A good leader is a person who is respectful of your efforts as they guide you in your efforts to build a successful business.

It doesn’t take years and years of experience to make you a leader. Of course you have to have some knowledge about your business, but more importantly is the fact that you are willing to guide, direct and participate in the growth of those under you.

Showing others this kind of concern will be a definite asset as you and your down line build. Also, a good leader will show others the methods to use in such a way so that they are very easily duplicated.

The amazing thing about this approach is that as you lead and teach others, they in turn will do the same thing. This is what network marketing is really all about. Helping others help others. Everyone benefits when help is provided to each other.

A good leader also knows how to delegate responsibility and when to delegate. This way the “student” gains the confidence to do things for themselves. Delegation is an excellent way to help build another’s self-confidence.

Being a good leader is the best way to build your network marketing business. It shows those under you that you have a genuine concern about their business as well as your own.

Many people who enter the MLM world of business eventually give up and drop out because they have no one to follow, no leader. Although there are marketing systems galore on the Internet, most people cannot follow them because they don’t have that personal leadership that is required.

Before you join any network marketing company be sure that you know who the leaders are. And you also must make contact with them and ask for their guidance. They will be glad to assist you or direct you to another leader that has the time to help.

Dance Studio Marketing – Find Your Target Market

In order to develop an effective dance studio marketing strategy, you must first identify the right families or dancers to target. A solid understanding of your target market will save you money, increase your response rate, and generate a higher return on investment from your marketing efforts and is just plain smart dance studio business management.target-market

Potential paying parents or dancers experience a range of business and personal pains and have different motivations for looking at your dance studio over the others in your area. Your messaging should speak to those pains and motivations; a one-size-fits-all approach will not be effective in driving new students to your studio.

There are two primary strategies that you can employ to reach your target market: PUSH or PULL.

A push strategy consists of:

Singling out specific members of your target market by purchasing lists from list brokers or publications for you local community.
Pushing your message to the target market through print advertising, banner ads, e-mail marketing, telemarketing, and direct mail campaigns.
Seeking a direct response from these prospects to visit your studio, not visit your studio, or sign up on your site to receive direct response marketing.
A pull strategy consists of:

Targeting a broad audience and allowing prospective paying students or parents to “self-qualify” themselves for your dance studio.
Generating “buzz” about your dance studio through PR, community events, online content syndication (blogs, forums, facebook, twitter), word of mouth, and referral programs.
Developing a highly visible brand to pull students in and encourage them to learn more about your exciting dance studio.
Both methods can drive excellent response rates, especially when used in tandem, but in a down economy, pull tactics are particularly effective for dance studio marketing. Why? Because right now, parents are carefully managing their budgets and don’t want to be “sold” to. Instead, they want access to valuable information that will help them make the right choice about where to have their students dance. So the best way to leverage the current market to your advantage is to make your website an oasis of knowledge that will pull prospects to you then encouraging them to sign up for that info and use Dance Studio Marketing Systems to do the rest. It will pay off!