Deliver the Right Message to Your Market

For anyone involved in direct marketing, there is no quicker path to failure than sending the wrong message to your market. Conversely, getting the right message to your market benefits every aspect of your marketing campaign.

The Internet is a direct marketer’s dream. Not only do you have inexpensive and ready access to your market, you can test in real-time. What could possibly be better? What could possibly be easier?

The fact that the market is so easy to access is precisely the reason so many marketers gloss over their message. Hey, if I get it wrong, I’ll just start over! Clearly, a hit-or-miss approach to your marketing message is not only inefficient and expensive, it’s indicative of a fundamental failure in your campaign.

Any fundamentally sound campaign begins with some market research. For us Internet marketers, that means keyword research. Nothing new here! But unfortunately, not many of us take the time to go beyond basic keyword research. Skipping or glossing over this next step and you’re basically flushing your hard-earned profits down the drain.

After you’ve done your initial keyword research, take a step-back and take a macroscopic look at your keywords and phrases. Here are just a few questions you should be able to answer after examining your keywords from a broader perspective:

What are they saying about your market demographic? Is it male or female? Young or old?
What about your market’s buying habits? Is this an impulse buy or a purchase that requires careful consideration?
What kind of person is buying? Is it someone new to your market or a seasoned pro?
You get the idea! The web is absolutely full of resources you can use to find out about your market demographics. Simply Google ‘site demographics’ (don’t forget to drop the quotes) for an exhaustive list of online resources you can use to dig deeper into your market.

Once you’ve got some insight into the demographics of your market, then and only then should you begin to craft your message. Getting the right message to your market is a sure-fire way to significantly boost your conversions. Carefully tweaking that message is often the difference between a run-away winner or a losing campaign. If you’re simply throwing stuff against the wall and hoping something sticks, you’re going to find this marketing stuff frustrating indeed!